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2 NMLS SAFE Mortgage Practice Tests

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"The 2 practice NMLS Safe practice exams, mirrored what I saw on the real test. Thanks for getting me prepared." - John J.


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Book Includes:

Outline of all NMLS Topics Covered in the Exam

2 Mortgage Loan Originator Practice Exams

(250 Questions with Answers)


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We're sure that you've heard time and time again, that the NMLS Safe MLO exam is hard. And we're sure that's taken a toll on your confidence (that's only natural). Our goal with this book is to bring that confidence back up by over preparing for the exam you're about to take.


We do this by providing you with over 250 NMLS SAFE Questions to prepare with (2 exams worth). Not only do you get the questions but a detailed breakdown of each answer. On top of that, you'll receive an outline of all the topics covered in the MLO test.

So yes, the exam is hard, but you can do it. And our guide will help get you there!

Found Inside: NMLS SAFE Sample Question

  1 of 250 Practice Questions Available  

As per the FCRA, what is not a permissible scenario for which a reporting agency can furnish a consumer report to a third-party person?

(A). Credit Transaction (B). Employment Purposes   (C). Legal Action   (D). Underwriting of Insurance

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