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2 NMLS SAFE Mortgage Prep Exams

with Study Guide

Get Ready for a Rewarding Profession

"The content provided in this study guide... indepth but retainable. I was confident. I was prepared. I passed." - Julie K.


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Outline of all NMLS Topics Covered in the Exam

2 Mortgage Loan Originator Practice Exams

(250 Questions with Answers)

MLO Keywords & Definitions

145 Pg. Study Guide: Dissection of Exam Topics


Hardcopy Option Takes You to Amazon

One of the valuable moves you can make for your career, is getting this book. Not only will you have 250 NMLS SAFE Questions to prepare with (2 exams worth), but you'll also be getting our comprehensive study guide, which breaks down EVERY TOPIC in the NMLS content outline.

Equally as important is how often we update our guide. We review the book every 3 months to ensure the laws and topics we covered, are relevant to the NMLS SAFE exam you are taking.

If you're looking to be as prepared as possible for your NMLS exam, our deluxe guide is a must study.

Found Inside: NMLS SAFE Example Question

  1 of 250 Practice Questions Available  

Which of the following mortgage types are 100% government insured?

(A). VA   (B). FHA   (C). USDA   (D). Conventional

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